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About Us

HittSquad Recording Studio is the #1 Hip-hop recording studio in the Orlando/Winter Park area. If a recording studio with premium quality and fast turn-around times are your expectations, then we will exceed it with the “best” recording studio rates in Central Florida!


We are here to enrich the talent pool in our Central Florida communities. We've provided a professional and friendly environment for musicians and performers of all stripes for almost a decade. Like Tory Lanez, Chief Keef, Lil Tjay, YNW JGreen, Woop, Pressure407, DefJam, Pepsi, and more.

Your purpose gives us the fundamental understanding of your audio needs, and empathy for your current challenges allows us to concoct solutions that matter.

Our Production and Recording packages are customized to emerge the right solution for you or your business; we refrain from “Prepackaged.”

Work with the best, and let's find your solution today! 

Hittsquad recording studio control room and booth.

Studio Console

-Panasonic WR-DA7 Digital Mixer

-32 Channels, E-eq, Auto Faders

Recorder / DAW

-Avid Pro Tools 10HD

-Logic Pro 9

Mic Pre-Amps

-Universal Audio UAD710

-Focusrite ISA 2

-Digidesign 002

-Manley Massive Passive (Waves)

-Pultec EQP-IS3

Dynamics / Effects

-Dbx 266xl

-SSL Channel EG (Waves)

-Tube-tech Compresser

-LA2A (Waves)

-Stutter Edit

-Antares Auto-tune

-Countless Audio-Plugins


vintage microphone

Condenser Mics

-Neumann TLM103

-AKG 214

-AKG Perception 420

-Audio Technica AT4033a

-Audio Technica AT3035, 2020

-Rhodes NTIa

Dynamic Mics

-AKG D12

-Audix drum-mics

-Shure SM57

-Nady Dmk-7


-Event 8 Monitors

-KRK Rokit 8

-KRK 10sub

-Panasonic Hearback system

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